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over an hour ago frightened people along breaking news. a moderate earthquake just over an hour ago frightened people along the east coast. you can see at the white house
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during a press conference. the quick measured 5.9 near richmond virginia. no injuries reported. people streamed out of buildings in new york and washington as far north as boston. parts of the pentagon, white house and capital were all evacuated. and all national monuments and memorials were closed. reagan national airport in washington ceiling tiles fell, all flights put on hold there. shaking was even felt on a golf course in martha's vineyard as president obama began a round there. two nuclear reactors are offline in virginia all as a precaution. no major damage thus far. we'll follow this developing story and bring you updates as they become available. rebels in libya appear to have made a breakthrough battling qaddafi forces in tripoli. in the past few hours, they stormed the area. rebels have largely overcome
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the resistance inside and have hauled off crates of weapons. qaddafi's whereabouts in the meantime still unknown. his son seif al-islam turned up earlier today countering rebel claims that he was in custody. closer to home a vandal attacked san francisco city hall early this morning. several doors and windows all damaged on a building that is nearly a century old. kristy seifkin is in san francisco with more on how police saw the attack in progress and promptly made an arrest. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, frank. the front of city hall has beautiful detailing and last night someone targeted that in an act of vandalism breaking several doors, the glass out of the doors with his bare hands. crews were sweeping and vacuuming up glass this morning after an early-morning attack. around 4:30, city hall security spotted a man draping windows on the main polk street entrance. he used his bare hands and the handle of a knife to breakthrough glass panes on
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three doors and knock a glass pane out of a street line. >> it appears to be just one person acting on his own. this is a rare occurrence. i don't think it happened since the building re-opened 10 years ago. >> reporter: security responded immediately to the attack and found the perpetrator was heavily intoxicated. he didn't try to flee the scene and was taken to san francisco county jail. police have since released his identity, 34-year-old james weaver. he has been booked on eight counts of felony vandalism. thankfully, none of the city hall architecture was destroyed in the attack and workers should be able to access the entrance shortly. >> glass workers were brought to the scene almost immediately as you can see they are measuring and clean up right now. it is hoped that the building will be completely re-opened by midafternoon today. >> reporter: they told me the
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attack this morning isn't connected to the bart protests and repairs are already completed in the time that we have been sitting here in the past hour. three doors are open and people can get in from that entrance. >> thank you, kristy seifkin live in san francisco. san francisco police arrested 40 people in connection with last night's bart protest that kristy mentioned. demonstration at the civic center station spilled into the streets. some of the protestors overturned garbage cans you see here, blocked traffic and even clashed with the police. bart had to shut down both the civic center and the powell street stations several times because of the protests. on twitter protest leaders say they plan to do it again next monday. they are protesting the fatal bart police shooting of a man in july and bart's shutdown of cell service in response tolerier protest. a couple of hours ago a small plane had to make an emergency landing in east palo alto. the faa says the pilot touched down on a dirt road about two miles west of the palo alto
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airport. two people were reportedly on board. they are both okay. the plane did suffer some slight damage. the faa is investigates why the pilot decided to declare an emergency. police in daly city and san francisco are investigating multiple stabbings overnight. four victims with stab wounds walked into seton medical center in daly city around 2:00 this morning then were taken by ambulance seen here to san francisco general. all have moderate injuries that are not considered life- threatening. police initially thought the assaults happened in a bowling alley in daly city but investigators now belief they occurred here in san francisco. in oakland, one man is dead, three others injured following several overnight shootings within 40 minutes. fatal shooting happened on 79th and arthur just after midnight. two others were shot at 38th and foothill during a robbery. a fourth person shot at 54th and foothill and like we said, all within 40 minutes. no arrests yet and no word if
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the shootings are connected. a fugitive is back in custody for a cold case murder out of san francisco. the feds re-arrested william asher iii in stanislaus county last week. in 1975 he escaped from an el dorado county inmate camp where else held for a 1966 robbery in which a barber shot was killed. before asher's mother died in 2005 she asked relatives to use a secret phone number to call her son. investigators used that phone record to track him down. they found him living with a woman for more than 10 years who had no idea he was a fugitive. it is a local feud that's making enemies out of neighbors with sensitive cultural and religious issues involved, some people are fighting to make sure a part of their city isn't renamed. stephanie chuang on the fight over fremont's centreville district. >> my family has been in centreville for over 100 years. >> reporter: he is proud of the location in the district of
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centreville. >> it's a name that spans the decades and hundreds of years. >> reporter: but as more and more afghan-owned businesses moved into the neighborhood over the years, there came a new name, little kabul. lorenz says his business would suffer if that change ever became official. >> my business is a very traditional christian style business that celebrates specific holidays throughout the year that perhaps in the afghani culture are not celebrated. >> reporter: a group of people who work and live in centreville have formed the committee to reclaim centreville. they are even printing centreville t-shirts and are holding their first meeting september 4 with the goal of making sure centreville's name never changes. the city hasn't gotten any formal applications for a name change. but vice mayor sue chan adds, centreville is too historic for the district for such a change. >> centreville is centreville and we celebrate that. >> reporter: the executive
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director of the afghan coalition, the largest afghan organization in the country, she said they lobbied centreville after 9/11 and stopped after there was a backlash. >> we want to promote centreville and little kabul because we want to make a very tourist attraction which is going to be a gooden gin to drive the economy. >> reporter: popal says local afghans here in centreville are sensitive about the issue with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up. she says the afghan coalition has already reached out to other groups here to start a dialogue for better understanding. in fremont, stephanie chuang, cbs 5. now in the stock market another day of gains on wall street. you can see way up 266 points with the dow over 11,000. it's the second increase for most major markets despite negative economic indicators around the world. it is looking good.
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a crackdown at candlestick because of the violence at the raiders 49ers game. >> why dog owners are being warned to keep a tight leash on their pets. >> and are you fed one airline fees and delays? passengers are now better protected. what should make flying a little more or a little less stressful actually coming up. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. lots of sunshine around the bay area, temperatures now soaring outside. how hot it will get in your neighborhood, coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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49ers and raiders game. 's going to be a cr some big changes coming to candlestick park because of this weekend violence at the 49ers-raiders game. there is going to be a crackdown on drinking with no alcohol sales after the 3rd
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quarter and will have dui checkpoints after the game. tailgating stops when the game starts. >> it and very early on that the people weren't -- it appeared very early on that people weren't here to see the game, they wanted to engage with other people in the crowd rather than enjoy the game. >> looking for a place to start trouble. that happens when you can buy a ticket cheap on the internet because your regular season ticketed holder isn't going to be there. >> two men were seriously injured in saturday's violence. they are in fair condition. dog owners beware. more thieves are pilfering pooches. according to the american kennel club, dog thefts are happening at 1 1/2 times the rate of last year. 224 dogs were reportedly stolen in the u.s. from january through july. that compares to 150 for the same time last year. the average cost of a dog hit $364 last year up from $221 in 2008. thieves usually target small
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breeds like yorkkies and pomeranians. legal wrangling over the in addition of an emergency is leaving another home on the edge of a crumbling cliff in pacifica. the owner of the building says she has seen a third of her backyard disappear in the last year alone. the neighboring property has offered to donate supplies to help stabilize the cliffside but the coastal commission has refused to issue an emergency permit to install the material because the home is not in immediate danger. in other bay area headlines, tonight the mount diablo school district will consider a move to shorten the school year by five years as part of a new contract with teachers adding seven total furlough days to the calendar. the proposal would save an estimated $6 million. the district has already offset the expected furloughs by lengthening school days by an hour at selected schools. santa clara county vector control will be pesticide fogging for mosquitos tonight in south san jose. dead birds that were confirmed to have died of west nile virus were recently found in the area
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north of highway 85 there. people in the affected area were notified last week that the fogging, set to begin 11:00. work should be done sometime tomorrow morning. san francisco is earning a new distinction as the nation's fifth most promiscuous city. this is video of the city's mascots for sexual health awareness. the dating website okaycupid said they based the rankings on the number of people seeking casual sex in their online profiles. portland and seattle took the top spots. with pittsburgh and miami each edging out san francisco. >> new york not happy they they didn't make the top 10. a few clicks of your day could make a big difference for a nonprofit. >> how to reason the feel good benefits of volunteering without leaving your desk. >> we started out with dense fog this morning. now we're soaking up the sunshine and the heat is on around the bay area. just how long? we'll talk about that coming
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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man.
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there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. ((ad-lib numbers...)) the federal reserve chair is set speak on f let's get live look at the big board. a big day up 286 points. this is two days in a row that we have seen this. it did dip slightly right after that 5.9 earthquake. but in the meantime the federal reserve chair is set to speak on friday. a lot of people watching for that and he could announce
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additional measures to stimulate the economy. so we'll keep you informed. starting today you have more rights as an air traveler. a series of new federal rules are in effect among them passengers bumped from flights and arriving late get double the price of their tickets back up to $650. airlines will refund checked bag fees for lost bags and they will include all government taxes and fees in their advertised fares. and this morning a new york city judge ordered the dismissal of all criminal charges against dominique strauss-kahn. a state appeals court later denied a motion to appoint a special prosecutor in the sexual assault case. the credibility of strauss- kahn's accuser had diminished in the months since his may arrest. the former head of the international monetary fund had considered running for the french presidency before his recent legal troubles in new york city. a hurricane now in the caribbean could hit the southeastern u.s. with a mid- atlantic region on thursday. hurricane irene is now centered just south of grant turk island
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t -- grand turk island. it has sustained winds near 100 miles per hour, a category 2. forecasters say it will gain strength and increase to category 4 and could make landfall on the north carolina coast later this week and then move up into the chesapeake bay. >> yeah. i'm talking to people in new england. they're worried. this thing might be hurricane bob i'm hearing pretty quick. >> they have to be prepared. it's continuing to shift the track it seems like with every forecast so we're watching this closely. it's going to be a wild weekend for them. >> we have sunshine out there. we have some patchy dense fog early on but still some fog continuing out toward the beaches right now. how about that? >> where's the beach? >> beautiful day, though, beach day. [ laughter ] >> doesn't get better than -- yes, it does! they are socked in with low clouds. we hope they will have sunshine later on. over the bay, blue skies and beautiful conditions and the temperatures now really soaring outside. right now it is livermore at 88
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degrees. 86 in concord. 85 fairfield, 83 san jose, 80 redwood city, so this afternoon, these numbers probably topping out some of those places near the upper 90s well inland. a lot of 70s inside the bay. some 80s into the santa clara valley and 60s at the coast. tonight an increase with low clouds and fog. so that means probably cooler temperatures as we head in toward tomorrow. and the fog really thick early on today but pulling back to the coast now so we're clearing things out. this will be the warmest day of the week and then this ridge will weaken somewhat and that means cooler air going to start to move onshore. still, temperatures up into the 90s in the central valley as high as 101 in redding. locally hot especially inland. 95 morgan hill, 85 milpitas, about 68 though in half moon bay. 70s in oakland and alameda. the north bay 60s at the coastline, still lots of 70s and 80s the further you head
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onshore. next couple of days we are going to watch the temperatures coming down on wednesday and thursday, not bad but more low clouds and fog. the weather will improve for the all important weekend. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> now we know where your mind is, lawrence. >> exactly. drought to feel guilty about surfing the -- you don't have to feel guilty about surfing the web at work as it may improve your job performance. researchers found it can refresh tired workers and make them significantly more productive and efficient with less mental exhaustion and boredom and add more engagement to their minds. the researchers even warned employers that they should not overly restrict workers' web access and should allow time for limited personal browsing. >> i guess that means we are in good shape. >> yup. would you like to volunteer but can't find the time? on the consumerwatch today, julie watts explains how volunteering just got a whole lot easier. let's see, this morning i
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got in at 7:30. i usually leave at 7:30 to 8:00. so i work long hours. >> reporter: she is the public relations manager at linkedin so finding time to volunteer wasn't an option until her employer introduced her to >> i have gotten to help every kind of organization from the humane society to a meals on wheels to the united way. >> reporter: with the click of a mouse she uses her pr skills to help nonprofits promote events, come up with slogans, pretty much anything they would have to pay to outsource. >> we wanted to find a way to fit volunteerism into nonprecious time into the little moments in our workday that we have available. >> reporter: ben rigby calls it microvolunteerism and it's the reason he founded a website where nonprofit groups ask for help and those looking to volunteer offer their skills around their schedules. >> at their dis,employees can volunteer using their skills, using their high expertise, for nonprofits in these 15-minute to an hour chunks of time. >> reporter: and companies like
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linkedin love the idea. it's among a growing group which includes google and kraft foods that encourages employees to participate. >> most corporations will have an employee volunteering program. and they will and their employees out to go clean up a park or a school or build a house for habitat for humanity. and we're offering an online solution. >> reporter: but you don't have to work for a big corporation to volunteer with from design to i.t. to brainstorming, rigby says some 30,000 people have volunteered their skills so far, people like christa who didn't realize how simple it was to make a difference. >> a few minutes and a few clicks of your day can actually make a big difference to a nonprofit. >> reporter: on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. all right. if you play sports, you have heard the term get your head in the game. >> one at three did it literally leading to an unusual triple play coming up. yone loves a good deal
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what is that? oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. great! did i mention no hands in the bundler? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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game after a moth flew into his right ear. this story freaks me out. major league outfielder had to come out of a game after a moth flew into his right ear. matt holliday left the game against the dodgers last night at the top of the 8th. in the clubhouse medical staff took him into a dark room hoping the moth would seek light but the insect was stuck in his ear because it had flown in head first. so they had to use tweezers to remove it. the moth was stale live
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afterwards. here's the -- still alive afterwards. here's the worst part. holliday kept it. >> souvenir. we have a triple play you have to see to believe. it's minor league ball with omaha and nashville. off the hea, one out. the guys on the bases kept running. they had no clue. so they go to second, to first, that is a triple play. if you are scoring at home, that would be 8-4-3. and we'll throw in the head there. nice job. triple play. >> don't see that very often. >> the moth? still making my ear go like this. >> see you tomorrow.
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